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Unfiltered & Filtered Feedthroughs

Integer specializes in the development of custom hermetically sealed ceramic implantable feedthroughs ideal for active implantable medical devices. Learn more about our new feedthrough technology below.

mCONNECT multi-layer alumina feedthrough technology

The Greatbatch Medical™ mCONNECT™ leverages a proprietary High Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic (HTCC) forming method to create a robust and reliable technology platform for supporting advancements in neurostimulators, cardiac rhythm systems and other novel devices. This technology enables:

  • Miniaturized devices
  • High channel density
  • Production efficiencies
  • Reduced lead-times

Learn more on mCONNECT and its benefits.

Our feedthroughs support industry standard traditional full lead-wire requirements. Using our custom design capabilities, along with industry-leading engineering know-how, we have produced an hermetically sealed feedthrough that ensures body fluids don’t contact internal device components.

With mCONNECT’s HTCC technology, we offer these innovative feedthrough platforms:

Traditional full lead-wire

Recognized as today’s industry standard, it offers a drop-in replacement solution with custom designed lead-wires.

Traditional Hemi Leadless


Compatible with existing header attachment methods, while eliminating lead-wire on the device side.

Hemi Feedthrough


Eliminates traditional lead-wire to offer a significant reduction in footprint, while supporting increased channel counts.

Feedthrough Leadless

Check out the Custom Feedthrough tab to learn more on the custom design options available to meet your medical device requirements.

Our line of highly reliable surface mounted broadband filtered feedthroughs are designed to use high-dialectic-constant ceramic capacitors to provide device protection against EMI produced by electromagnetic emitters over extremely broad radio frequency (RF) ranges. This allows device makers to offer patients more freedom and peace of mind.

We customize our precision-filtered feedthroughs using efficient shapes and sizes for traditional full lead-wire and hemi-leadless feedthrough platforms.

filtered feedthrough graphic

Integer manufactures fully dense high purity alumina ceramics to provide the highest quality and fastest turnaround times possible for custom designs. Our experts specialize in these ceramic processing technologies:

  • Dry pressed
  • High temperature co-fired ceramic (HTCC)

We provide high-quality and reliable ceramic-to-metal feedthroughs that are customized to meet the medical design manufacture’s requirements from prototypes to development to high scale production.

Our customers benefit from the following design features:

  • Geometry possibilities supporting 2D and 3D options
  • I/O Channel density supporting hundreds if not thousands of channels
  • Pins available with and without lead-wires
  • Lead-wire pitch made as small as 12 thousandths of an inch
  • Lead-wire materials in noble and non-noble metals
  • Lead-wire design available bent, flattened, tapered or solder-dipped
  • Lead-wire length customized based on the customer’s needs
  • Lead-wire diameter customized based on the customer’s needs
  • Dry pressed and high temperature co-fired ceramics
  • Vertically integrated machined and molded components