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TAVR Embolic Protection Devices

We provide a full range of solutions to support every phase of the product life cycle for TAVR embolic protection devices (EPD).

With advanced manufacturing capabilities, we develop embolic protection devices that meet stringent clinical requirements. Our technical experts match the highest-quality materials are matched to the precise design specifications and requirements of every structural heart component and structural heart device we manufacture.

We maintain ISO 13485 certification across our facilities, as well as quality and process management systems that meet the highest standards set by the United States Food and Drug Administration, the European Community, and other international regulatory authorities. Our technical experts ensure design for manufacturability to decrease development time, minimize costs, and achieve speed to market.

EPD Polymer Molding

Polymer Molding

Materials: Pellethane, Pebax, Polyimide, ePTFE, BioSpan®, Elast-Eon®

Processes: Thin polymer molding and dip coating

EPD Laser Hole Drilling

Laser Hole Dripping

Hole Shapes: Round, parallelogram, hexagonal, other complex shapes

Processes: Hole ablation and drilling in a variety of pore sizes and configurations

EPD NiTi Wire Forming

NiTi Wire Forming

Materials: Nickel titanium wire, laser-cut titanium tubes, 8-16 carrier braid

Processes: filter basket forming utilizing a variety of manufacturing processes and heat setting of formed and expanded parts



Electropolishing of small parts


Catheter Delivery Systems

Manufacture of completed catheter delivery systems and components including molded components, catheter tubing, support members, machined components and finished device assembly