About Greatbatch Medical


Greatbatch Medical is committed to the design and manufacture of critical technologies that enhance the reliability and performance of medical devices and procedures. We do this to ensure that our customers can continuously provide clinicians with better treatment options to improve patient outcomes.

A legacy of excellence

Wilson Greatbatch, co-inventor of the first successful implanted pacemaker, founded Greatbatch, Inc. in 1970 to develop long-lived primary batteries to fuel pacemakers. His passion for reliability and innovation is the foundation for our full portfolio of capabilities and offerings.

At Greatbatch Medical we refined and produced a novel lithium/iodine anode/cathode chemistry battery, with exceptional capacity and reliability, which was first implanted in a patient in 1972. This technology, now highly optimized, is still the industry standard power source for pacemakers used to treat bradycardia. For tachycardia treatment, we invented the revolutionary high-rate silver vanadium oxide (SVO) chemistry in the first implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD), first implanted in a patient in 1987. As the prevailing battery chemistry used in these devices, SVO drives more than 80 percent of all ICDs today. To offer a more complete power source product to our customers, we began developing the wet-tantalum high-voltage capacitor technology in 1994, with the first product successfully implanted five years later.

To better serve our customers, in 1998 Greatbatch Medical purchased Hittman Materials & Medical Components, the premier producer of feedthrough connectors and advanced electrode coatings in the CRM industry. In response to the growing concern over patient safety and electromagnetic interference in device function, we then added EMI-filtering technology to our feedthrough product portfolio with the acquisition of Sierra-KD in 2001. We further extended our product offerings in 2002, adding precision-drawn and -formed enclosure and case manufacturing, when the company purchased Globe Tool & Manufacturing.

In 2005, we continued to redefine performance and reliability standards, opening two world-class manufacturing facilities in Alden, New York, and in Tijuana, Mexico. Each plant is equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing, quality controls and a highly skilled staff. Both facilities use Lean practices and closely adhere to Six Sigma philosophy.

The last two years have seen significant growth at Greatbatch Medical. In the areas of vascular access and orthopaedics, we’ve experienced multiple acquisitions, streamlined operations and now we have a more diverse offering of products and unique technologies to better serve an expanded customer base. Our growth in Orthopaedics, with the aquisition of Precimed, displays our dedication to innovation design excellence. We’ve also been recognized with Industry Week’s 2008 Best Plants for our Alden, NY facility with 99.3% on-time delivery and 60% reduced changeover time. Every day at Greatbatch, we enforce the highest quality standards and Lean manufacturing while supporting the advancement of medical technologies and procedures.